No-Gi Evolution - DOWNLOADABLE

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This is the No-Gi Evolution Downloadable Video pacakge. You can watch these videos online or download them to your device.

No-Gi Evolution is a complete systematic approach to submission grappling. It is not for MMA, not for BJJ, but for no-gi style submission grappling tournaments.

In this set of 8 DVDs we will cover takedowns, positional dominance, concepts and theories, submissions, sweeps, escapes, counters, and more. This set is designed to take a beginner grappler to the intermediate stages, and the intermediate grappler to the advanced levels.

This DVD set is broken down into 5 parts. First is Standing with takedowns, throws, standing submissions, and counters. 99% of the fights go to the ground, but 100% start standing up, so this is where the set begins. Next we cover the Mount position. This is arguably the most dominant position in grappling, and will show you how to get to the mount, stay in the mount, submit from the mount, and escape when your opponent is in the mount. After the mount we will cover side control. This dominant position is easier to attain that the mount, so we will cover your options both on offense and defense in the various side control positions. Continuing on, we will cover the guard positions, and many variations of the guard. We talk about the full guard, the open guard, the butterfly guard, half-guard, X-Guard, Rubber Guard, and more. We will show you how to regain your guard from bad positions, how to sweep or submit your opponent when you are in the guard, and how to pass your opponent's guard so that you can get to side control or to the mount. Next we will work on the back control. We'll cover exactly how to get there, what to do once you are there, and how to get out of there if your opponent is on your back! Lastly, we'll cover submission flows, leg locks, and escapes. These will help to tie together all of the other positions that you've learned and complete your game.

In short- this DVD series is designed to take your grappling game to the next level. This is tailor made for the people who are interested in NAGA style competition. No Gi, No filler content. Just the proven techniques that will help push your game to the next level.

This video series does cover some of the content that we have covered in our other videos. However, this has been re-filmed and provides you with better camera work, clearer explanations, NEW submission flows and escapes, and a newly organized approach systematically broken down by position. We will help you identify the weak parts of your game and how to improve them. Plus, all of the content has been specifically engineered for NO-GI SUBMISSION GRAPPLING. This is not an MMA set, and it is certainly not BJJ where we can rely on the gi. This is for No-Gi Submission Grappling!

This is easily the most comprehensive set that we have ever made, and is designed to take your game to the next level!