John Hackleman (trainer of Chuck Liddell and head coach at The Pit):
"I just know the guy, he seems like he’s an MMA fan that’s putting out some….  You know, you look at him and at first you think ehhhh, but his stuff is good, you know? It makes sense. It’s kinda "jiu-jitsu-ish" in that a lot of the stuff he address, "Well this and this and this, but the guy might be punching you in your face- and then you gotta do this." And I really like that because a lot of the jiu-jitsu ground stuff doesn’t cover that… and that's a disservice. So I just thought that guy had some cool stuff and he seemed like he’s just like a one-man-show doing this stuff, so I thought "Yeah, We like his shit." It’s good stuff. I was showing Chuck some of his stuff. We did it as a favor to him. You know, help the little guy out."
"I love your videos... Great stuff.    -Pit Master"

Chuck Liddell (former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion):
"TrainFightWin.com Rules!"

Rhadi Ferguson (2004 Olympian, BJJ Black Belt):
"Absolutely phenomenal. Great instruction. Great explanation and just quality all around!!"

JJ O'Regan (Fighters Only Magazine):
"I work for the world's biggest MMA magazine (Fighters Only) and have met and trained with fantastic instructors from all over the world; I have to say, the guy in these videos is brilliant, he is really really good at teaching/breaking things down. Surprisingly so for one so young. - jj o'regan"

Tom Bingel (Owner and Lead Trainer @ Wyoming Shoot Fighting):
While I'll always endorse training under a qualified and competent coach or professor as an aspiring fighter's best option. I can confidently say that the instructional sets offered by TrainFightWin.com are the next best thing to having a coach standing there telling you what to do. The techniques demonstrated are presented in a easy to understand format and from multiple camera angles. If a person applies themselves and masters the techniques offered on this set, they would be a force to be reckoned with on the mat!

George Purcell:
"I think your site is the most informative thing I have ever found on the internet, you really put a lot of work into all your videos and they are in such great detail. The fact that most of them are free is just amazing. This site has definitely taken my grappling to the next level (or two). I appreciate all the hard work you do!"

Dan Ross:
"Thank You so much for Your help with finding the Video package I wanted and with how to download it. Your help was speedy and easily understood. I have really chosen an excellent business and product to work with. You are an excellent instructor and businessman. It is a real pleasure to work with You."

jonny C:
"Amazing videos. Owning various instructional videos from various big names. I can honestly say that these are the most helpful. Having them in order like that is a huge help. The way everything is broken down should be a help for anyone of any level.

After trying to get a friend in to sumission wrestling with me, he was struggling as everyone was much more advanced, although they were all willing teach him, It was too much at once and after I showed him some of these videos, he grasps the concept and the next week came to class and landed a triangle and a paper cutter.

We were all shocked including himself. These videos can be a huge step up, in any ones game."

"Definitely the best young coach I've seen. You give off tons positive energy bro. Keep it up!"

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"It's really admirable the way you incorporate and synthesize techniques from Judo and BJJ with classical Jujutsu and Aikido. It seems you really have a solid all-around system that incorporates more than a "standard" set of MMA skills. It looks like an excellent system to teach to police and also civilians interested in good self-defense."

"Excellent instruction bro thanks."

"High five dude, very well explained and interesting!"

"you guys have great videos and great traditional bjj/mma your awesome for posting almost blue belt in bjj and this gives me alittle more to look forward to!"

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"Im a beginner in BJJ, from Norway. I have to say that I really appreciate what you are doing here. Helpful and inspiring videos."

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ny rifleman:
These video's are very helpful. Your doing a great job. Thank you for taking the time to teach us."

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"what great techniques you're showing man,what great techniques!!!!!! Really i'm not joking!!!!! Especially the sweep techniques,i train for years MMA but those sweep techniques i never got showed. REALLY THANKS MAN!!! The first technique i tried today worked great,it's a sidemount sweep. It worked so easy man... Thanks for it!!!! Keep showing techniques!!!!!"

your videos are very usefull thank you very much for posting when I grapple I also use the giftwrap allot but I called arm twister but it's awesome to see how you guys even show some transitions again thank you very much for posting your vids!!"

"your keylock video was a huge help thank you..."

"Ur videos r very great and really helpful... I'm training to be a fighter to and ive watched ur videos alot... im kinda ahead becuz of them... I train alot but im one of the only people in my city to train MMA.... thanks alot."

"Thanks for making all these videos. i have a fight on nov 8th and your mma striking videos have taken my game to the next level. i dont know what rank you are or of your skill lvl but i wana let you know your videos help me more then some of the top lvl black belts out there. THANKS TRAIN FIGHT WIN!!!!!"

"Some of the best instructional videos on YouTube."

Malik Lewis:
"My name is Malik Lewis, and I currently train at Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, Florida. I just wanted to say thank-you Richard for the instructional videos. Before, the only reason I survived when sparring was because of my take downs (I'm a wrestler in high school}. Every time I would try to engage my opponent in stand-up, I would punch, but all I ever got was air. My sparring partner would beat up on me, until I decided to take him down. I felt really discouraged. Fortunately, I found your "Correct Steps" video on Youtube. I took what you said and decided to implement the movement techniques in my class. That class was the best I ever had! 90% of my punches actually LANDED, and I was able to evade most incoming attacks. I always used to move forward when striking and back when being attacked. I watched all of your striking videos and they are amazing. The amount of videos you have made leaves me in awe. The fact that you took time out of your schedule to make those videos for free just to help people is incredibly generous of you. You are a very, very kind person, Thank-you."

"Very good instructor: really easy to listen to."