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The Darce Choke - Fully Explained - DOWNLOADABLE

$24.99 each

The Darce Choke (also known as the Brabo choke) is one of the most devastating chokes in any grappling art form. It utilizes a squeeze of both carotid arteries to block the blood flow to the brain, rendering the victim completely unconscious in mere seconds. This choke has been sweeping the grappling and MMA world by storm, and is largely popular because it can be fully applied without sacrificing much position. Even a beginner can use this choke with devastating results if they set up the submission correctly. In this video set, you will learn over 20 setups for this submission from most every position you can think of.

During the course of a fight, both competitors become sweaty and slippery, making some submissions (such as armbars from the bottom) very difficult to complete. In many of these cases, your best option is to choke your opponent. Chokes have a very high success rate when applied correctly, and even if they are escaped- they leave your opponent weakened and tired. The Darce Choke is an extremely powerful choke that has more setups than virtually any other choke without the gi.

If you are interested in having a very powerful Go-To submission, then you need to strongly consider this set. It contains more than 20 different setups for the Darce Choke and is over one hour in length. No matter what your grappling experience is, your game will only improve by adding this powerful choke to your grappling arsenal.