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The Triangle Choke - Fully Explained - DOWNLOADABLE

$24.99 each

The Triangle Choke is one of the most devastatingly effective chokes in any grappling art. It uses the strength of your legs to cut off the blood flow to your opponent's brain, thus rendering him unconcious very quickly. Because of its level of effectiveness, it is one of the top submissions used in any form of grappling or mixed martial arts style of competition.

In this video set, we walk you through every detail of the Triangle Choke. We will cover the basic fundamentals, finishing techniques, setups, combinations, and even escapes. We will show you how to get the Triangle Choke from virtually any position, and how to set it up in conjunction with other attacks.

Some of the topics covered in this series are:

  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Triangle from Guard when Your Opponent digs his elbows into your thighs
  • Triangle from the Single Under Pass
  • Triangle from the Armbar
  • Triangle from the Omo-Plata
  • Triangle from the Kimura Sweep
  • Triangle from the Guillotine
  • Triangle from the Kimura
  • Triangle from Half-Guard
  • Triangle from Master Blaster Grip
  • Triangle from the Mount
  • Triangle from Side Control
  • Triangle from Back Control
  • Arm Triangle from Guard
  • Arm Triangle from Mount
  • Arm Triangle from Side Control
  • Tornado Triangle
  • Cowboy Walk to Triangle
  • Powder Keg Triangle
  • Gift Wrap to Triangle
  • Triangle from Turtle Position
  • Scissor Sweep to Triangle
  • Knee Pinch Triangle
  • Can Opener Escape
  • Sit Under Escape
  • Stacking Escape
  • Posture Escape
  • much, much more...