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Passing the Guard - DOWNLOADABLE

$14.99 each

One of the most significant flaws that many grapplers have is being able to pass their opponent's guard at will. If you're tired of being stuck in the Full Guard, Half-Guard (including the LockDown), Butterfly Guard, X-Guard, or Rubber Guard- THEN YOU NEED THIS SET!

This video set is 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 50 seconds long and focuses entirely on how to open your opponent's guard, defend yourself from sweeps and submissions, and then effectively pass their guard into your side control. This gives you the advantage so that you can increase your position for points or so that you can start to really ground and pound in an MMA fight.

In this video set, we cover all of the guards that are used in no-gi grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. We will show you how to open your opponent's closed guard- no matter how hard they try to hold on. We'll show you how to break the LockDown- which can be a very painful and frustrating position in Half-Guard. We show you how to prevent the sweep attempts from Butterfly Guard, and how to immobilize your opponent so that you can pass to Side Control. We show you how to not get swept by the X-Guard and how to get out of that position so that you can impose your game. Lastly- we show you how to not get caught in the Rubber Guard system and how to force your opponent back to a different guard, or to pass the Rubber Guard from Mission Control.